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Rosemount Rex

rosemount rex

The Rosemount Rex is the ultimate custody transfer gauge. It is the most accurate and reliable radar gauge available. The Rosemount Rex is so smart it is able to emulate any non radar gauges you already have.

This new feature on the Rosemount Rex means that it is now easy and inexpensive to integrate it into any existing system. If you wish to try just one Rosemount Rex to begin with then you can simply replace one of your old servo gauges. There is no need whatsoever to replace field cables, network units or software.

The Rosemount Rex is able to emulate all of the major protocols in gauging including: Whessoe, Enraf, Varec, L&J and Sakura.

The Rosemount Rex is able to measure levels to a precision of plus or minus 0.5, is able to emulate level gauges from other manufacturers and can easily be integrated into existing systems.