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The SAAB REX offers accuracy and reliability like no other radar gauge. What’s more it is so smart it can even emulate your existing non-radar gauges.

The new emulation feature ensures integrating SAAB REX into any existing system is easy and inexpensive. If you want to try out just one REX gauge to start off with, you simply replace one of your old servo gauges. No need to replace any field cables, network units or software. SAAB REX emulates all major gauging protocols including: Whessoe, Enraf, Varec, L&J, and Sakura

The SAAB REX measures levels to a precision of ±0,5 mm, can emulate level gauges from other manufacturers and can be fully integrated into existing systems. Below are some of the gauges we have available, clicking on the link will provide you with details concerning each of the gauges.